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The Agri-Food Pilot

  • The Agri-Food Pilot is a forward-thinking immigration initiative introduced by the Canadian government to address critical labor shortages in the agri-food sector while simultaneously offering skilled workers from abroad opportunities to immigrate to Canada. This pilot program focuses on three specific streams within the agri-food industry: meat processing, mushroom production, and greenhouse crop production. These sectors have been identified as having significant labor shortages, making them prime candidates for targeted immigration efforts.

    Under the Agri-Food Pilot, eligible candidates with relevant work experience in one of the designated streams may apply for permanent residency in Canada. To qualify, applicants must meet specific criteria related to their work experience, language proficiency, education, and adaptability factors. Employers in the agri-food sector play a crucial role in this program by actively participating in the recruitment and hiring process for skilled workers from abroad.

    At Astrox Immigration, we specialize in assisting both employers and skilled workers throughout the Agri-Food Pilot application process. For employers, we provide guidance on navigating the recruitment process, ensuring compliance with program requirements, and facilitating the transition of skilled workers into their workforce. For skilled workers, we offer comprehensive support, including assessing eligibility, preparing necessary documentation, and guiding applicants through immigration procedures with expertise and confidence.

    Our goal is to facilitate the successful integration of skilled workers into the Canadian agri-food sector while supporting the growth and sustainability of this vital industry. Through our dedication to providing personalized assistance and navigating the complexities of immigration processes, we strive to make the Agri-Food Pilot a mutually beneficial opportunity for both employers and skilled workers seeking to contribute their talents to Canada’s agricultural and food production landscape.