Immigration Consultant RCIC
Get your Canada study, work permits & skilled occupation list guidance. Trusted immigration consultancy for hassle-free immigration to Canada.


  • At Astrox Immigration, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that self-employed individuals face when seeking to immigrate to Canada. Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur, we offer specialized assistance tailored to your specific circumstances and aspirations. Our experienced team begins by conducting a thorough assessment of your qualifications, experience, and business plans to determine the most suitable immigration pathway for you. We provide personalized guidance on the various options available, including the Self-Employed Persons Program, Provincial Nominee Programs for entrepreneurs, or other immigration streams that may be applicable to your situation.

    For those interested in the Self-Employed Persons Program, which is designed for individuals with relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics, or farm management, we assist in preparing a comprehensive application package. This includes documenting your relevant experience, providing evidence of your ability to support yourself and your family in Canada, and outlining your plans for establishing yourself in your chosen field upon arrival.

    For entrepreneurs looking to immigrate through Provincial Nominee Programs, we work closely with provincial authorities to ensure that your business proposal meets their specific requirements and aligns with the economic priorities of the province. We provide guidance on developing a detailed business plan, identifying suitable investment opportunities, and navigating the application process with confidence.

    Additionally, we offer valuable insights into the Canadian business environment, market trends, and regulatory requirements to help you make informed decisions and set yourself up for success in Canada. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the immigration process, from initial consultation to successful settlement in Canada as a self-employed individual. With our expertise and dedication to client success, we aim to make your immigration journey as smooth and successful as possible, empowering you to achieve your goals and thrive in your new home country.